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Captain Ken's Fishing Expeditions Gallery
Here are some examples of my latest adventures...
Mr. Chris & I had a big time!
Had a great time with Mr. Tom, Ms. Eddie & there daughter Ivey!
The bite is picking up!!! Join me for a fun day on the water!
We didn't catch a ton but we caught nice ones & had a blast doin it!!
Mr. Bass pro & I had a lot of fun catching some nice trout!
Mr. Bill & family had a blast!
Ms. Edie with a couple nice trout!
We finally got a break in the weather and the action was hot!
Mr. Toney & I had big time fun catching sheepshead in 20+mph. wind!
We are kicking the new year off right! Nice trout & sheepshead.
Mr. Bills first fishing trip & he landed some beautiful reds!
Had a blast with Mr. Geff & Roe catching some convicts!
Mr. Andy caught he's biggest red ever!
Mr. Bill & Dillon had a great time catching reds, flounder, whiting, sea bass, Jacks, lady fish & sharks!
Mr. B with another nice red!
Mr. B Wall & Cauy with a nice red of the day!
The smile on Cauys face says it all!!
Mr. Bill & the gang had a great time catching fish & enjoying the nice beautiful weather.
Ms. Jennifer with her first tout!
Mr. Ian with a nice over size red to start the day!
Mr. Rob had a blast catching all kinds of fish today! He even kept some for dinner.
Mr. Rob with the two biggest trout he had ever caught! What a great day in the 20+mph. wind.
Ms. Sharon was very happy to carry these reds home for dinner! Mr. T.J. is happy to have the trout & sheepshead.
Ms. Sharon & Mr. T.J. & I had a great time cutting up catching, missing & losing fish... but in the end they got a few for dinner.
Mr. Steve & his boys Owen & Tom had there hands full catching convicts today :)
Had a great time herding up the sheepshead with Melinda & her husband Bryan this past week!
Mr. Rob & I had a blast catching some convicts yesterday!
Rob ended the day with this nice 24" sheepshead!!!
Rob is here to play & the fish are more than playfull!
Mr. Steve & I had a blast catching a mess today! Keeped enough for dinner & let the others swim on!
My granddaughter with a nice red for her dinner!
Another nice over size red!
Rob got his double inshore slam today!
We got several nice trout, reds & black drum. The fall bite has reely picked up!
A nice mess for dinner!
Rob with a nice over size red!
Mr. Tom with a repectable sheephead!
Mr. Chris with his first Ga. flounder!
Mr. Chris was having fun putting the smack down on some slot reds! He let them all go.
It was a fin tastic day Alex caught some nice ones! Thanks for fishing with me, Capt. Ken
Ms. Diana & I had a great time putting these babies in the boat!
Ms. Liz & Mr. Chris had a great time catching these great tasting fish. Thanks for fishing with me :) Capt. Ken
Horace & I worked hard to find this guy on a very windy day.
Mr. Marvin caught some nice trout today! He let them all go to be caught again one day!
Mr. Tony with another trout of  the day!
Mr. Tony & I had a great time catching & release'em!
I snuck out for a bit this morning & keeped some for the grease :)
Had a great time yesterday fishing with my granddaughter & watching her smile as she was putting her dinner in the boat!
Here's one of the trout we caught this weekend!
Allen & I had a great time catching some trout & this fine tasting Black drum!
We caught these in 20+mph winds!
After catching some howgs! Rob got some good ones to carry home.
This big girl came out to play & she mesured 24" long!
Had a awesome time watching Rob battle this nice 28" red on ultra light tackle!
Had a great time in the back country catching some nice ones with Mr. & Mrs, rooks.
Mr Brett with a nice trout!
Ms. Tonia with a respectable trout!
This morning Shiv & I had a good time playing with some reds & trout! He had to keep 2 for dinner!
Ms. Monica with her first red & it was to big to keep.
Ms. Cory with a nice trout! What a great day!
The flounder are coming around!
My friend with a nice 22" red today! Fall's looking good!
Ms. Joan showing off a nice trout she caught today!
Mr. John with a little puppy drum!
Had a great time watching Mr. Tom & his family catch a bunch of short reds & trout. They hung in there to put some keepers on ice.
Had a great morning fishing with Mr. Horace!
What a great morning catch short reds & this oversize baby!
Ms. Tawn & Mr. Rob had a great time catching some dinner!
Mr. Dave with a nice saint marys trout!
What a great 4hr. trip! Taylor & Henry put the hammer down! They caught several nice ones, lost some but had a great time!
Mom & I had a great time!
Padro is going to enjoy some nice fish for a while!
Mr. B Wall & his son had a good time catching some dinner!
Mr. Rick's grandson & his friend had a great time getting thier trout on!
Ms. Carol with her first sea trout!
Mr. Doug & I had a great time catching some ones!
Went out & got some for dinner!!
Bob & Tom had a great day with a mixed bag! The weather has been good & so has the action!
Kapz came back to put this convict away for good!!
Rob is proud of his biggest blackdrum to date!
Rob with a nice trout!
Joe with his very first blackdrum!
Kevin with a very nice sheepshead & he caught sevral more after that one!
Earle fighting a nice trout! Him and his brother Jitter ended the day with over 20 keepers!
Earle with a nice trout!
Come get some!!!!
Taxi's first striper! He's going to have her replicated mounted! He'll enjoy his trophy for years to come. Trophies come in all shaps & sizes! Book your trip & see if you can catch your trophy!
The sheeps are here! Come get some before they're gone.
The start to the New Year & the fish are on fire! we had to leave them bitting!
The weather wasn't great but the bite was! Shiv & Taxi keeped a few for the table & let the others go! The bite is still on!!!!
Rob did an awesome job fighting this big'o'girl!
Here's Rob with another over size redfish!
This is a good way to end the day!
Lillian with her first over size red! Making me one proud grandpa :)
Black drum & sheepshead are also on the menu! Come and get in on the action!
Another great fall morning! We caught a few shorties & these nice keepers :)
I love to see people catch fish like these in the cool morning air!
The fall bite is on! We ended the day with 3 nice red, a couple of trout, sheephead & a bunch of mangrove snapper! Don't miss this time of year the bite is here!
Family making memories with there catch.
Reds are moving to the back!
Good catch on a windy day!
We had a good time catching black drum, red fish & trout! This is William with the fish he wanted to keep for dinner.
Mr. Jarome and Chris with a nice catch of sheepshead, trout, red and whitting! Nice way to spend Farthers day morning :)
Chris with his first redfish and he managed to get an over size one!
I caught these keepers in less than one hour in two spots! Caught some shorties and lost a few.
Love reds in the spring!
Happy Happy Happy!
What a good morning of trout fishing!
Trout are inforce! The sheephead is picking up and black drum got the feed bags on!
That was a great day we caught a lot of trout. We ended our great day with 15 trout and 2 redfish:)
We had another good day caught this nice oversize red along with some keepers.
We ended our trip with 3 nice blackdrum, 1 flounder, a lot of mangrove snapper and whitting.
Love to see the smile a nice fish can put on someones face!
Join me in the hunt for fish like this red.
Not a bad catch for 25+ mph. wind.
Looks like the trout are here :)
The trout are moving in we had 6 nice size and sevral throw back action is picking up. Was a great day 10-26-11
The trout bite is on cool water produces nice trout. On 10-22-11 we cought about 5 like these two.
We cought over 13 fish on a 15 to 20 mph. windy nov. day. had a great time book your fun today.
Had an awesome halfday trip on 11-13-11 8 trout and 3 redfish.
We caught these in 20+ mph wind on 3-4-12. Bite was slow but we managed to pick up a few nice size trout and whitting.
Another good day on the water in March, we caught a lot of trout keeped the bigger ones and some nice whitting. Looks like fishing season is here.
It was a blast to have Jitter and Earl on the boat. We caught the fish to the left on 3-14-12 and on the 15th we caught the fish in the picture to the right.
Was a pretty good April fools day we landed up with five nice size trout.
The trout bite is on we lande up with 10 nice ones. The picture to the right showes all of them get in on the fun.
My grandbaby catching dinner for the family!
Another windy day in June. Tough fishing but we pulled out a few. We got these and caught some short trout.
We had a good day caught some trout, flounder, whitting and a nice over size red.
We are still catching everything from mangroves to black drum. Don't hesitate book today and lets go have some fun.
The bite and variety are on! We caught reds, black drum, mangrove snapper and a striper. Get in on the rod bending action!
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